What more can your camera see?

RZ_inVISION Top Innovation 2018

SGP Fellow


3rd Place

Augment Your Camera Sensor With:

X2 Light Captured

Material Sensing

Color Accuracy

Spectrum recovery

Conventional cameras capture images using only three frequency bands (red, blue, green), but there is much more information hiding within the visual spectrum. HC Vision‘s unique software solution allows conventional cameras to increase their spectral resolution, capturing information over a wide range of wavelengths without the need for specialized equipment or controlled lighting.


Low Light

Bright , clear, and perfect color – day or night.

Vendor level integration can improve low-light performance of existing sensors by over 100%.


Secure Identification

Differentiate between real faces and fake images for security applications.

*Actual results displayed above!

Material Sensing

Detailed spectrum information can facilitate a wide range of material sensing applications:
food analysis, object recognition, automotive and more!


Ohad Ben-Shahar


Head of the Ben-Gurion University Computer Science department, Prof. Ben-Shahar brings years of computer vision expertise to bear.

Boaz Arad


Researching novel imaging techniques since 2011, Boaz’s research put him at the forefront of hyperspectral imaging technology.

Omer Shwartz


After spending several years in the software industry, Omer is now completing his Ph.D. with a focus on IOT and cyber-security.


Beta Program

HC Vision is currently inviting select partners to test our material sensing technology.

If you have an existing hyperspectral application, and would like to test it with an HC Vision certified camera, fill in the application form and we will contact you shortly.